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One of my most favorite things EVER is the beach in the winter. In North Carolina, we are lucky enough to enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches along the East Coast. I think this opinion can be backed up by the sheer number of Ohioans and New Jerseyites that flock to our coast in the summer (maybe I shouldn’t brag about our beaches, actually… on second thought, they’re no good, don’t bother coming down here).

But there is something about the sea in the winter; it’s more wild and romantic, less lethargic than in the summer when the water warms up. Without masses of people, dolphins, pelicans and seabirds can go about their business undisturbed and nature seems to take back a bit of it’s own. The peaceful quiet of the small communities returns and the tiny villages along the Carolina coast sit silent, restoring themselves after the warm-weather crush.

There is a sense of calm and serenity at the beach in the winter that restores my balance and peace. It’s a spot where I can think and be silent and where the cold breeze blows the fog out of my mind… at least for a few hours.

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Photo Credit: Superfamous licensed under CC 3.0 | Ariel Kocourek (sharks)

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