Submit Your Product + Samples

We love discovering cool! We give small makers a voice, and honor the big guys who are producing goods with integrity and heritage.

We are looking for companies who can say yes to these questions:

  • Was the company founded because of a passion, dream or idea?
  • Is the product artisanal, not crafty?
  • Is it an heirloom product?
  • Is the idea or product innovative and elevated compared to similar ideas and products?
  • Does the product or idea embody “every-day luxury”?
  • Does the work support a community or local economy in a positive way?
  • Is the product or idea produced with impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail and design?
  • Is the company creating heritage with their products?
  • Are the productions methods ethical, sustainable and environmentally conscious?

If you are a maker or a PR company representing products made with care, quality and artisanship, we want to hear from you!  We accept product samples and are also interested in borrowing items for our posts. To learn more about this, please shoot us a message using the form below.

Write for Us + Photography

Thanks for your interest in contributing to Harbinger Daily! Our contributors share our passion for simple luxuries and a beautiful, meaningful life. Our site is aimed at a global audience and covers interesting and off-the-beaten-path people, places and things from around the world. The topics currently covered on our site are…

Food + Drink:
  • We produce “Top Pick” lists of our favorite restaurants, bars, and hidden gems
  • We have a weekly recipe series
  • We style entertainment posts with creative ideas about parties and gatherings
  • We highlight makers of artisan food and drink products
  • We style men and women fashion shoots
  • We highlight makers of men’s and women’s fashion (mostly these are Made in the US, or Made in the UK, etc. type producers or luxury producers with heritage and specialized craft)
  • We have “Top Pick” lists of our favorite local, independently owned shops in different cities or regions around the world
Lifestyle + Design:
  • We highlight makers of home goods and home decor products
  • We have styled home and garden posts
  • We talk about creative and outstanding artists and designers
  • We talk about men’s and women’s grooming & beauty
  • We have a “Toys + Joys” section which covers sporting goods, and other items like musical instruments, and gadgets that are produced by hand
  • We have a “Something on Sunday” (SOS) series which is a collection of inspirational suggestions about enjoying simple luxuries in life. This is a very creative series and all of our contributors are welcome to share thoughts and ideas covering any topic
  • We highlight special hotels and B&B’s around the world
  • We highlight interesting and off the beaten path experiences we’ve discovered around the world
  • We have a “Follow Me” series which chronicles a trip we’ve personally experienced that others could recreate and includes information about where we stayed, what we did and saw and recommended restaurants.
  • We have a “Top Travel Picks” series which lists our favorite places to stay, things to do, places to eat, etc. in cities or regions of different countries around the world.

If you have specific interest in writing for or photographing any of these topics or series, please let us know. We love partnerships that enable us to work together on a regular basis, but are also open to one-off contributions as well.  At this time, our contributors are unpaid, but we do provide a bio for our regular authors and photographers with links to their own websites and social media identities. We are dedicated to helping our contributors build their own brands while they help us build ours!

To learn more about our mission and what we believe, visit our About Us page here.