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Our Something on Sunday (SOS) series is a collection of little thoughts, images and ideas to brighten your day.  Sunday is either the beginning or end of the week, depending how you look at it. We hope our SOS posts will help you finish your week on a high note, or inspire you for the one to come. Mostly though, we hope you enjoy!

I once heard a proverb that goes like this: we are all too poor to buy cheap crap (I paraphrase a bit).

This was a revelation to me, because, up until that point, I had been a mass consumer, buying quantities of disposable and, frankly, ugly junk. I would by 10 shirts on sale that didn’t really fit, were made with cheap material that pilled or shrunk the first time they touched water, and often times, I wouldn’t ever end up wearing them at all. I had a closet full of clothes with the tags on them, unused and unwanted. This mentality expanded to most things in my life… furnishings, home goods, art, food, everything.

I spent so much money on stuff that was guaranteed to fall apart in a short period of time. And, as I thought about it a little more, I discovered I actually hated most of the things I owned because they didn’t mean anything to me.

When this beautiful piece of wisdom floated into my ears, I decided then and there to stop spending my life tirelessly accumulating meaningless stuff. I was going to spend my energy, time and money on things with value.  When I looked around my nest, I wanted to be surrounded with objects that came from someone who really wanted to “make” it… who poured a piece of their soul into the creation of this thing, I wanted objects that I could love and that would last my lifetime.

So I cleared out the clutter and lived with empty walls and corners until I could fill them up with little gems I collected as I went about my life and uncovered along my travels.

I still don’t actually own many things, and I’m constantly purging to create space and simplicity. I’m like a born again ex-hoarder. Sometimes I even fantasize about living in a white room with a simple bed and nothing else. But then again, when I look at the objects I’ve purposefully surrounded myself with, I’m filled with joy because each one is a memory or a place or a person or a time in my life that was dear to me.

So, that’s what Harbinger is all about. It’s a compilation of our team’s adventures, inspiration and discoveries. It’s the story of thousands of makers out there doing it their way, innovating and pouring their love into what they do. It’s about buying things with integrity and really considering what you accept into your life. We hope you enjoy!

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