Anya Hindmarch SS14 Top Picks

Anya Hindmarch Bathurst

Anya Hindmarch. AH ANYA HINDMARCH!!! The first time I passed one of her shops in London, I literally stopped dead in my tracks, mouth agog, drooling. If handbags were people, her’s are the beautiful, strong, quirky girl with tons of personality; basically the handbag you would want to be. Her collections are always inspiring, more… 

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American Made Valentine

american made valentine

Looking for the perfect outfit for V-day? We’ve rounded up our favorite Valentine-inspired, American made pieces for you fellas. These wardrobe staples will keep you looking sharp through a romantic dinner, not to mention the rest of the winter/spring season. Enjoy!

Huntington Kitchen

Huntington Kitchen Nut Butter

I’ve known the owner of Huntington Kitchen, Jennifer Huntington for a long time…we’re talking, like, since puberty long time.Since before her name was Jennifer Huntington long time! As one of my oldest and best friends, I’ve always been the lucky recipient of her deliciously handmade baked goods and knack of delivering true love through her… 

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Chanel – Metiers D’Art


Chanel. What images… what ideas flash into your mind when you hear that word? For many, the name is synonymous with the apex of luxury, perhaps even the very definition of it, and I am, admittedly, a Chanel cult follower (in fact, as I write this, I’m wearing a Chanel brooch and shoes), but I… 

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Winter Beach – SOS

Winter Waves and Rocks

One of my most favorite things EVER is the beach in the winter. In North Carolina, we are lucky enough to enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches along the East Coast. I think this opinion can be backed up by the sheer number of Ohioans and New Jerseyites that flock to our coast in… 

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Proverb – SOS


Our Something on Sunday (SOS) series is a collection of little thoughts, images and ideas to brighten your day.  Sunday is either the beginning or end of the week, depending how you look at it. We hope our SOS posts will help you finish your week on a high note, or inspire you for the… 

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