About Us

Hey, welcome to Harbinger Daily!

We are harbingers of a new direction; a shift in the perception of what makes life luxurious and beautiful.

Our team of globetrotting adventurers has a common passion for discovering, connecting and experiencing the world a little off the beaten path. Beauty, fashion, food and design; we’re tracking down what’s truly cool around the world.

We believe:

The time of thoughtless consumerism is over. Big box brands and large corporations have had their day. We’re not wasting our time or our money on that anymore. Instead, we’re swinging the pendulum back to a better place, a place where makers produce goods with intention, love, heritage and care. A place where we have a more fulfilling connection to each other and to the wider world. A place where we remember to enjoy simple luxuries in everyday life and give our support where it has a direct and sustainable impact.

We give the little guys a voice, and honor the big guys who are making products with integrity. We’re doing this because we believe that it makes our communities, our world and ourselves healthy, balanced and beautiful.

Be a Harbinger:

So spread the word and join us as harbingers, as pioneers. Let’s get back to what really counts. We love weaving our own stories with our community, and we hope you keep in touch and tell us how you feel about the people and products you’ve discovered through our blog.  Thanks and happy harbingering!